I first gazed up on the light of the world on the 19th of August 1993 in the capital of Bayern.  At 15, to my luck, destiny brought me to the right place at the right time. On my weekend away to Schliersee I spoke to one of my acquaintances regarding Dj software. During our discussion, he explained to me the processes and hidden tricks to this ‘music’. In the coming days, the way I enjoyed music in a completely new perspective.  I was constantly fascinated and found interest in remixing the songs that I listened to using fresh new ideas and the correct technique. Through this new art form, I aspired to reach as many people as possible and to leave a memorable impression on them. It soon became clear that to achieve this goal, I had to maintain a regular practice schedule and use only the latest in DJ hardware. My Christmas present, a MIDI-Controller that correlated with the DJ software, got the ball rolling. Soon I was in charge of music for private events. In spring 2010, I came as far as planning events for youth get together in North München. The beginning was rough, but gradually, more and more people started dancing to my mixes. With this, my confidence and motivation increased and during this time I met an experienced DJ who taught me to use Scratch Program. Throughout this time, my job financed the hardware and software necessary for me to use Scratch and other equipment such as a DJ mixer and two turntables.  At this time, I experience a new level of music production that was a byproduct of my technique and interesting song choices.  With time, I came to the conclusion I had to expand my knowledge even further in order to develop my professional portfolio.  I attended Vibra School Djing in München East, which I completed in 2011 and acquired knowledge in tone and turntables.  After 8 months, a project that I, in collaboration with my peers, worked on was presented in Palais’ “Vibra Night 2012.” Since 2013, I have been the resident DJ at “Orange Bar” in Bad Toelz. During my time at Vibra, I became well acquainted with one of my peers, DJ Bastian Wave. Together we established our own music label “Plaztik Muzik.” Throughout the period of 18 months, we played at numeroud events: "Black & White Party" in Kn4st - Landshut, Galopprennbahn – Riem, Meinburk – Munich, "XPlosionOne in Oberanger Theater – Munich, Sommerfest im Restaurant Via Venetto - Munich, Maximilianstr. We strived to play predominantly house and electro music.  In the summer of 2013 we decided to stop working together because I found it in my best interest to focus on my position at Orange Bar. In the coming months, I was given the opportunity to work with DJ Marco Piconi from Berlin, who then offered me the option to play a gig in “Annabells” in Berlin. I also took part in Music DJ Contest in September 2013, but to much regret, I did not win. In  January 2014, I started working in Glam Club in Munich. Since 2014, I have been producing my own beats and have started playing the keyboard.


Wittmann Christian

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